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Come and See The Monastic Way for Today

An Ordinary, Obscure, and Laborious Life Keeps Us Searching

According to our Cistercian Constitutions, our life has been described as ordinary, obscure, and laborious.  These are not good selling points, “Come join us in our ordinary and laborious life!”  But let’s take a closer look at the description of our life.  Ordinary means we are able to occupy ourselves with things of the spirit, laborious prevents us from getting lazy, and obscure keeps us sharp and focused.  We want to clarify it, get rid of the ambiguity and vagueness.  If it is really important, we search for answers until we are satisfied.  In other words, our ordinary, obscure, and laborious life keeps us searching. Page 102

From:  Come and See: The Monastic Way for Today
By:  Brendan Freeman, OCSO

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