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Hungry for God

“People are hungry for God. And God is eager to embrace people. Why is it that the search for God is often so difficult? Why do we flounder? Why is a personal experience of God so elusive?
I think the main reasons are these: (1) the language describing the experience of God is daunting and seems to put it out of reach; (2) we can’t think anything so incredibly important can be simple; (3) when we do find a way of prayer that seems attractive and negotiable, we set the bar too high for ourselves.
All three of these obstacles are addressed in two sentences in The Cloud of Unknowing, the fourteenth-century spiritual classic. When you want to enter into the work of contemplation, “This is what you are to do: lift your heart up to the Lord, with a gentle stirring of love, desiring him for his own sake and not for his gifts. Center all your attention and desire on him and let this be the sole concern of your mind and heart” (3). Easy language, simple practice, accessible to all.”  Pg 29

From:  Life Lessons from the Monastery
by Jerome Kodell, OSB

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