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The shadow of the cross

“This life is not given by God as a Paradise. It is a time of trial followed by an eternity of joy and rest. Christ suffered all His life, for the shadow of the cross ever hung over Him, and those who love Him share His cross to some extent all their life long. The contrarieties, the misunderstandings, the sufferings of heart and body, household difficulties, all these things form the portion of your cross, and when you accept these trials they become holy and divine by their union with those of Jesus Christ. The virtue that I want to find in you on our next meeting is above all patience. Patience unites us exceedingly with Jesus suffering, as Mary was united with Jesus at the foot of the cross.” Pg 76

From:  Union with God: Letters of Spiritual Direction by Blessed Columba Marmion
Selected and Annotated by Dom Raymond Thibaut

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