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Patience is Necessary

“I want so much to teach you this great truth and to help you to put it into practice. To do so, you must give yourself up unconditionally to Jesus Christ by accepting in pure faith all that He sends or permits. Know, my daughter, that in a soul like yours, which has left all for Him, which in reality seeks only Him, there is an unconscious prayer, unfelt but very real, which rises up to God in the midst of your sense of failure, for our desires are true prayers for Him “Who searcheth the reins and hearts.” “Your ear has graciously heard the need of the poor.”’ But, for this, the great virtue for you must be patience. “Patience is NECESSARY for you.” It is by patience, the absence of any, even inward, murmuring, by meeting every trouble with a smile, that Jesus makes you share in His Passion.
pg 76
”From:  Union with God: Letters of Spiritual Direction by Blessed Columba Marmion
Selected and Annotated by Dom Raymond Thibaut

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