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Children of God

1. Our nature supposes that the creature remain always in most humble adoration before the Creator: that is so essential that nothing can change it. Our adoption to the state of child of God raises our nature, but does not destroy it. Hence it comes that when we rebel against God's will, against His permissions, we are no longer in the true attitude of the creature.
2. Our adoption as children supposes that we act always as loving children towards our Heavenly Father, constantly
seeking His good pleasure: "Seek His Face evermore." This Facies Dei, Face of God, is the smile of His loving approbation.
If you always keep the truth of this twofold relation, you will be more and more fixed in truth and in peace.”

  Page 6-7
From:  Union with God: Letters of Spiritual Direction by Blessed Columba Marmion
Selected and Annotated by Dom Raymond Thibaut

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