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October 2nd - The Holy Spirit in the Rule

We call it the ‘Holy Rule’. Now, all holiness comes from the Holy Spirit who, with the Father and the Son, is alone Holy by essence. Yet we should not be surprised that we do not find the Holy Spirit explicitly named more than four times in the Rule, and then only in passing. St. Benedict did not choose to bolster the merits of his prescriptions with theology; moreover, he did not wish to write a treatise on theology. He has given us a theology which has been lived, when he teaches us the instruments of the theological life. Knowing the Spirit is not, for him, having a treatise on the ways of the Holy Spirit, but finding himself under the influence of the Spirit by following the Rule and by its power.

From In the Unity of the Holy Spirit: Spiritual Talks on the Rule of Saint Benedict
Dom Sighard Kleiner, O. Cist Page 9