Thoughts for Reflection from Benedictine & Monastic Authors

Day by Day

October 1st - God is Right There With You

Seek peace and pursue it. Once you have done this, Benedict says the Lord is going to be right there with you. “Here I am.” God is going to be with you: The deep awareness of God’s presence, God’s love; God is with us. Benedict says, “My eyes will be upon you, my ears will listen to you, and even before you ask me, I will say to you, ‘Here I am’” (cf. Isa. 58:9)…Just respond the least bit to God’s grace, he is more than there. “I am here! I am with you! Here I am!” That experience of the divine presence with us is, indeed, most delightful.

From Listen With Your Heart: Spiritual Living With The Rule of Saint
M. Basil Pennington, OCSO, Page 59