Thoughts for Reflection from Benedictine & Monastic Authors

Day by Day

September 29th - Knowing Our True Self

When we know our dignity, know who we truly are, know who God truly is, then there is something deep in us that cries out as did Jesus, I always do what is pleasing to him (Jn. 8:29). This means a real dying to self – all our self-will, all our own ideas, all our way of doing it. We know that, but we do not want to pay that price. The price we pay for not doing it is that we deprive ourselves of knowing who we truly are and of living in the glory and joy of being the beloved child of God. (pages 9-10)

From Listen With Your Heart: Spiritual Living With The Rule of Saint
M. Basil Pennington, OCSO, Pages 9-10