Thoughts for Reflection from Benedictine & Monastic Authors

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2013 September 11 - The Signs of the Poor in Spirit

To his brethren and friends, he has become a kind and gentle friend. He understands their weakness. He no longer has confidence in himself but in God alone. He lives his entire life in the grip of God’s love and power. That is why he is poor – truly poor, poor in spirit – and is close to all those who are poor and to all kinds of poverty both spiritual and material. He numbers himself first among sinners – but a forgiven sinner. That is why he can walk a path in the world as an equal and a brother of all sinners. He considers himself close to them for he understands that he is no better than any of them. His most intimate prayer is that of the Publican – a prayer which has become for him almost like breathing, like the heartbeat of his entire being, his deepest desire for salvation, and healing: “Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.” (page 22)

The Way of Humility
by André Louf, OCSO