Thoughts for Reflection from Benedictine & Monastic Authors

Day by Day

2013 September 7 - Lection Helps, Humility

An important disposition for the operation of living faith within us is humility, the full acceptance of reality.  And the reality is that we very much need and want the divine communication.  Humility is the acceptance of our profound ignorance with regard to God as well as to so many other things.  We know what we know, and it is not very much.  We know what we do not know, and that is a lot more.  And we accept the fact that beyond this there is an infinity that we do not even know we do not know.  We know that our mind and our heart, our feeling and emotions, our body and our soul are all a listening, given to us by God, and that this listening can only be filled by the Giver.  We come to our listening hungry and thirsty, filled with longing and need.  An God who is mighty does great things for us.  He fills the hungry with good things. (page 6)

Lectio Divina, Renewing the Ancient Practice of Praying the Scriptures
by M. Basil Pennington