Thoughts for Reflection from Benedictine & Monastic Authors

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2013 August 17 - Confronting Temptations

Human life is marked by constant conflict. We can’t just float through life. We have to confront the temptations that life brings with it. And there will never be a time when we can rest on our laurels. Temptations will be with us till the point of death. In another passage Anthony says: “No one can make it to the kingdom of heaven untempted. Take away the temptations, and no one will find salvation.” Anthony obviously saw temptations as the condition for entering the kingdom of heaven. Through them people get a sense for the true God. Without them we would be in danger of diminishing God or taking God over for our own purposes. In temptation we have an existential feeling of our distance from God and of the difference between humans and God. The human being always has to struggle, while God rests in himself. God is absolute love, whereas humans are constantly under assault by evil. (page 38)

Heaven Begins Within You:  Wisdom from the Desert Fathers
by Anselm Gruen