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2013 August 13 - Wisdom: A Gift of the Holy Spirit

What does “wisdom” signify here? It is a flavorsome knowledge of spiritual things,” a super-natural gift for knowing or esteeming Divine things through the spiritual taste with which the Holy Spirit inspires us in this matter. It is a flavorsome knowledge, intimate and profound, of the things of God….This gift makes us prefer, without hesitation, the blessedness of serving God to all the joys of earth; it is this gift that makes the soul say: “How lovely are your tabernacles, O Lord of hosts! For better is one day in your courts,” above thousands of years without you. But in order to feel like that, one must carefully clear away all that draws us towards illicit delights of the senses. (page 153)

Christ, the Life of the Soul
by Blessed Columba Marmion