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2013 August 10 - Contemplating Christ

Contemplation of Our Lord is not only holy; it makes us holy. Doing no more than thinking of Him, gazing on Him with faith and love, sanctifies us. For certain souls, the life of Christ Jesus is one subject of meditation among many others; this is not enough. Christ is not one of the means of spiritual life; He is all our spiritual life. The Father sees all in His Word, in His Christ, finds all in Him. Infinite as His requirements of glory and praise may be, He finds them in His Son, in the least actions of His Son. Christ is His beloved Son, in whom He is well pleased. Why should Christ not equally be our all, our model, the one who satisfies for us, our hope, the one who substitutes for us, our light, our strength, our joy? (pages 83-84)

Christ, the Life of the Soul
by Blessed Columba Marmion