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2013 August 9 - Obstacles to Union with God

If we want nothing to interpose between ourselves and God, nothing to hinder our union with Him, if we want the Divine blessings to flood into our soul, we have not only to renounce sin and imperfection but, also, to strip ourselves of our personality in so far as it constitutes an obstacle to perfect union with God. It places such an obstacle when our own judgment, our self-will, our self-love, our susceptibilities, make us think and act otherwise than in accordance with the desires of our Heavenly Father. Believe me, our faults of weakness, our miseries, our human servitudes, hinder our union with God infinitely less than does that habitual attitude of the soul which wants, so to speak, to keep in all things the proprietorship of its activity. We should then, not annihilate our personality – that is neither possible nor wished by God – but rather bring it (if I may use the phrase) to a complete capitulation before God. We should deposit it at the feet of God and ask God to be, through His Spirit, the driving-force of all our thoughts, all our feelings, all our words, all our actions, all our life – in the same way as for the humanity of Christ. (pages 55-56)

Christ, the Life of the Soul
by Blessed Columba Marmion