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Christ in His Mysteries

Resembling Christ in Baptism and Temptation

In the different mysteries of Christ on earth, Eternal Wisdom arranged events in such a way that the humiliations of the Incarnate Word were always offset by a revelation of His divinity.  Christ thus appears to us in the truth of His divine nature as well as the reality of His human condition.  The mysteries of the birth and childhood of Jesus are marked by these contrasts of shadow and light which make our faith “reasonable” at the same time as leaving it free. Christ started out on His public life – His baptism by John and His temptation in the desert.  We shall see how wonderful the mind of Infinite Wisdom is, to what great lengths Christ, who is our model, willed to go before us on that road on which we all ought to follow Him in order to resemble Him.  Page 202

From:  Christ in His Mysteries
By:  Blessed Columba Marmion, OSB

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