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Christ in His Mysteries

God’s Plan to Prepare Us for Christ

The coming of the Son of God upon earth is so momentous an event that God wished to prepare it over long ages.  Rites and sacrifices, figures and symbols – He made everything converge towards Christ; He foretold and proclaimed Him through the mouth of prophets who succeeded each other from generation to generation.  That is why the Church, guided by the Holy Spirit, has taken to herself the sighs of the Patriarchs, the aspirations of the Just of ancient times, the longings of the Chosen People, so as to put them on our lips and fill our hearts with them.  She wishes us to prepare for Christ’s coming as if that nativity were going to be renewed before our eyes.  Page 132

From:  Christ in His Mysteries
By:  Blessed Columba Marmion, OSB

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