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Reading to Life

Drawing from the Scriptures a Unified Vision of Life

St Benedict gave reading – which he calls “lectio divina” – a prominent place in the life of monks.  In his mid-century Rule he allots more than three hours to it, the exact amount depending on the time of year.  Furthermore, in contrast to some other monastic legislators, he allots the best time of the day to the exercise.  On Sunday, apart from common exercises of the Divine Office, the Eucharist, and meals, the whole day is to be free for lectio.  Studies on the vocabulary Benedict uses to make precise the place and nature of lectio in the RB [Rule of St Benedict] show that lectio suggests gathering, collecting, and thus a unifying process.  Indeed, the exercise of lectio can be seen as an effort by the monastic to draw from the Scriptures a unified vision of life.  Page 123

From: Reading to Live: The Evolving Practice of Lectio Divina
By:  Raymond Studzinski, OSB

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