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The Divine Office as the Prayer of Christ

The Liturgy of the Hours is not just one of the many occupations a monk performs; it is his life.  St Benedict tells him that nothing, but nothing, is to be preferred to the “Work of God” (Opus Dei, or the Divine Office).  The Divine Office is the prayer of Jesus to the Father, in which we all participate.  The words of this prayer are the sacred words of the psalms.  Every emotion and thought has an expression in the psalms.  They are the cry of all the earth for salvation.  The Work of God is the sanctification of the world.  The one praying the psalms is the one sanctified by the Spirit of God.  This is the work of salvation continually being acted out, day and night, in the prayer of the Church.  Page 175

From:  Come and See: The Monastic Way for Today
Brendan Freeman, OCSO

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