Lectio Lights from the Monastery

Reflections for the Day

Lights from Our Lectio:
The Gospel applied using the Prism of the Rule of St. Benedict

I am the light of the world (John 8:12).  The Gospel captures the light of Christ so that we might meet Him and see ourselves and our world through the light of His love and being.

St. Benedict applies the Gospel to daily living; through the prism of his Rule, separating the light of Christ into “various colors” as through a prism, allowing us to experience the light of Christ in various, pragmatic ways. 

May you find the light of Christ further refracted through our prayer and lectio, enlightening your mind and warming for your heart.

Reflection for day listed here below…

Monday, April 9

Easter Monday

“You who are children of Israel, hear these words.
Jesus the Nazorean was a man commended to you by God
with mighty deeds, wonders, and signs,
which God worked through him in your midst, as you yourselves know.
This man, delivered up by the set plan and foreknowledge of God,
you killed, using lawless men to crucify him.

(from Acts 2:14, 22-33)

Yesterday was Easter – the feast of the Resurrection of Jesus, the basis of our faith.  If, as some people have said, Jesus had not really died, that the disciples stole the body, that people fabricated this story of “being raised from the dead,” how does one account for the transformation of the apostles from panic-stricken cowards to brazen apostles? 

Having denied that he even knew Jesus to a maid, Peter now fearlessly proclaims the above reality to a crowd!  His message would never pass the litmus of “politically correct” that urges not to offend people’s sensibilities. 

If one were to make up a story, make it more plausible than someone rising from the dead!  And why did the people believe it?  What was about Christ, His reality, His presence that so touched people’s hearts that they believed it?

What is the human tendency when things get tough but to recant, blame someone else, begin to tell the truth, strike a plea bargain—anything to save their skins.

But the 11 apostles did not do that!  They both proclaimed their faith in Jesus and died for their faith in Jesus.  And the message of Jesus, the love that God has for each of us that He sent us Son, the love that has forgiven our sins, the love that has broken our bonds captured people’s hearts and transformed them.

May this same message capture our hearts in always deeper ways.

Blessed Easter Week!