Lectio Lights from the Monastery

Reflections for the Day

Lights from Our Lectio:
The Gospel applied using the Prism of the Rule of St. Benedict

I am the light of the world (John 8:12).  The Gospel captures the light of Christ so that we might meet Him and see ourselves and our world through the light of His love and being.

St. Benedict applies the Gospel to daily living; through the prism of his Rule, separating the light of Christ into “various colors” as through a prism, allowing us to experience the light of Christ in various, pragmatic ways. 

May you find the light of Christ further refracted through our prayer and lectio, enlightening your mind and warming for your heart.

Reflection for day listed here below…

2013 August 25 - 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

I am the way, the truth and the life, says the Lord;
no one comes to the Father, except through me.  (Jn 14:6)

“Srive to enter through the narrow gate…”  These words in today’s Gospel by St. Luke (13:22-30) are similar to ones we hear in the Prologue to the Rule of St. Benedict, yet our Holy Father St. Benedict assures us, ...as we progress in this way of life and in faith, we shall run on the path of God’s commandments, our hearts overflowing with the inexpressible delight of love.

Why is the gate narrow?  Perhaps we can look back to one of last week’s readings where we heard about the eye of the needle.  Perhaps the answer is that it’s narrow because we’re carrying too much baggage.  We got to get rid of the stuff that weighs us down so that we can joyfully enter into the kingdom of God.

It’s never easy, but looking over our life and seeing what burdens us is a chance to purge those very things that hold us bound in our journey toward holiness.  As much as any of us might want to, we cannot change the past.  We cannot worry about the future.  What we have is the present.  And the present is where we need to focus our energies on living and loving as fully as Christ call us to.