Lectio Lights from the Monastery

Reflections for the Day

Lights from Our Lectio:
The Gospel applied using the Prism of the Rule of St. Benedict

I am the light of the world (John 8:12).  The Gospel captures the light of Christ so that we might meet Him and see ourselves and our world through the light of His love and being.

St. Benedict applies the Gospel to daily living; through the prism of his Rule, separating the light of Christ into “various colors” as through a prism, allowing us to experience the light of Christ in various, pragmatic ways. 

May you find the light of Christ further refracted through our prayer and lectio, enlightening your mind and warming for your heart.

Reflection for day listed here below…

2013 08 11 - 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today’s opening prayer contains two powerful images:  God as Father and our adoption as God’s sons and daughters.  For us living in 2013 A.D., these may not seem as awesome as they were in 30 A.D. when Christ was first proclaimed these to be true.  A personal God, a God who cares, a God who is near.  And to call oneself God’s son or daughter would have been unthinkable.  Yet today, the problem is more that we take these for granted, and in so doing take God for granted as well.

Today, let us take some time to sit back and reflect on the importance these two things have in our life of faith.  How blessed we are to call God our Father and to know that we are his beloved sons and daughters.