Your Legacy:  Faith-based Planned Giving

Your Legacy

All Christians trace their genealogy of faith to Jesus and the Apostles.  This includes a “genealogy” of generosity to the women who used their means to help sustain Jesus and His disciples!  Paul names individuals who used their means - however modest, average or extraordinary - to help further the Gospel by providing sustenance to the growing Church.

Our particular Benedictine “genealogy” of generosity traces it roots to the sixth century and the monk Romanus who supplied food to Benedict while he lived as a hermit.

Emma used her means to establish Benedictine Abbeys in the ninth century.  In 1035 Leodegar established the Abtei St. Walburg in Eichstaett as a center of prayer.  The legacy of both these individuals helped sustain the monasteries they founded.

After the Abtei St. Walburg had been suppressed for 30 years, King Ludwig re-established it 1835. 

During our community’s 79 years in this country, the faith and generosity of those generations helped sustain and support St. Emma Monastery.  We are so grateful to all those who continue to support us. 

Normally, however, individuals or couples are only able to consider larger gifts through annuities and in their wills (or living trusts). 

And you?  Are you arranging for your assets to express your faith and love for God after your sojourn here on earth?  How will your “acorns,” your assets, take root and help continue God’s presence through St. Emma Monastery for generations yet to be born? 

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