Prayer Enrollment

Prayer Enrollment

Spiritual benefits of those enrolled:

Remembrance for one year by the Benedictine Nuns in their lives of monastic dedication and prayer, and in The Liturgy of the Hours which they chant six times each day.

Our beautiful, original cards feature unique religious artwork or lovely scenery here at the monastery either as an e-card or created and mailed from here (just like Hallmark!).  Cards include an inspirational quote for prayerful meditation and a space for your own personal note or greeting.

This gift of a Prayer Enrollment from St. Emma Monastery:

expresses a prayerful dimension to a special occasion, is a terrific way to remember a loved one or someone special on their birthday, anniversary or at other special times during the year.
is one another will truly value, allows you to touch another’s heart, expresses your own heart, and that another can truly “use.”
expresses your deep appreciation for your friend, your thankfulness, your hope and prayer for another’s recovery.
expresses your deep sorrow on the loss of someone you love and care for and to comfort someone who has lost a loved one.

To enroll someone in a prayer enrollment, follow this link…shopping cart.