Shrine of St. Walburga

Shrine of St. Walburga located at St. Emma Monastery


Built in 1974, the walls of this star-shaped chapel were originally the 12 stained glass windows designed for the former St. Walburga Church in Pittsburgh, PA. The windows depict the life of St. Walburga, a Benedictine nun who was born in Anglo-Saxon England in 710 A.D. and followed her kinsman, St. Boniface, in the German mission.

The windows are from Munich, Germany, the work of craftsmen renowned for their artistry.  Many Western Pennsylvania churches built in the early 20th century have Munich windows.

St Walburg’s Shrine is open to the public as a place of peace and a place of prayer.  It is not uncommon for visitors to return many times after their initial visit.

Take a prayerful journey through time following Saint Walburga’s life as portrayed in the Shrine’s windows.  Click Here