Last Supper Shrine

Dedicated October 23, 2011, the Last Supper Shrine is the newest prayer area on our monastery and retreat house grounds. The Canadian sculptor Timothy Schmalz created the nearly life-size, bronze figure of Jesus seated at the table.  Jesus’ face shows an intensity of tenderness, and compassion.  His open tunic exposes his rib cage; the Bread He holds connects to his chest visualizing, “This is my Body given up for you.” 

Popularly known as interactive statuary, the twelve empty benches surrounding Jesus at the table invites us to sit across or next to Jesus—just as the Apostles did at the Last Supper. 

Jesus waits for us come to Him, to share our hopes and our fears, our disappointments and our triumphs.  Meek and humble of heart, Jesus calls us to come to Him and to join our hearts to His.

A verse from the hymn, Shepherd of Souls, captures Jesus’ desire to remain with us: “Be known to us in breaking bread, But do not then depart; Savior, abide with us and spread Your table in our heart.”  If a retreat does not fit your schedule, treat yourself to an afternoon drive.  Step out of the hectic pace of daily life, even for an hour.  Allow Jesus to refresh you, lift your burdens, and give courage back to your heart. 

After sitting at the table, you are also invited to sit before the Real Presence of Jesus in one of our Chapels to continue the conversation He began with you earlier.
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