Comments from Our Retreatants

Retreat House


Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality and a beautiful weekend of much needed quiet time with the Lord.  It was such a pleasure to stay at your beautiful monastery.  I especially appreciate the invitation for our families to join us at the end of our retreat.  I was so happy to have my children meet you, and see real sisters in habits living out their vocation so joyfully!  We will certainly add you to our list of prayer intentions.

in His peace,
Christa Snyder

Monastic Guest House


My stay at St. Emma’s, last Wednesday through Friday morning, may have been the most blessed hours of my life.  I wanted to thank you for the hospitality that was extended to me on my short and personal retreat.  This includes the wonderful volunteers that I met during my short stay.  In addition, the ease at which I was welcomed on such short notice to stay at the monastery was inspiring .

I never realized that prayer was such a difficult job.  However, I never realized that the devotion to prayer could be so rewarding and fulfilling.  It seems that everyone’s days start early and end late at the monastery.  But yet, it seems that there is tireless devotion among the sisters and the monastery’s volunteers.

I came there for a spiritual “tune-up” and received a major “overhaul!”  Waking for 5:30 a.m. vigil on Friday was not difficult.  It was if the Holy Spirit energized me to participate in your prayers throughout my short stay.  Also, I couldn’t wait to read the books that I purchased about St. Benedict, from your bookstore.  I try to read and study St. Thomas of Aquinas Summa Theologica as much as possible.  After my stay, St. Benedict has moved up on my reading charts as well! 

Also, I want to thank those that made my wife Kathy feel so welcomed when she joined me for late morning prayers and lunch on Thursday.  She too found the place very inspirational. 

There is no doubt, I will visit again.  Be it a short visit for prayers, mass or more retreat days.  It reenergized me spiritually, mentally and physically.  For that, I am deeply appreciative.

I have placed into my daily routine, the hours of Lauds and Compline.  I will pray that the sisters of the monastery will be safe and be able to continue to do God’s work in such divine fashion.

God bless and sincerely,

Greg Dober
Plum, PA

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