FAQs for the Monastic Guest House

Are the rooms private? How are they furnished?

Yes, the guest rooms are private, furnished with a double bed, desk and chair and comfortable chair.  Each room also has a private bath, individually controlled heat/air conditioning, and ceiling fan - and a wonderful view of trees and hills from each room.

Linens/bedding provided?

Yes, bed linens (even mangled, i.e. ironed) and towels are provided.

Is it air-conditioned?

Yes.  The down stairs has central air. Each of the eight rooms upstairs has its own heating and air-conditioning unit as well as a window that open and ceiling fan. 

Is the facility handicapped accessible?

Yes.  Is there an elevator?  No.

The lower level with the living/dining room, chapel and kitchen is handicapped accessible.  The guest room on that lower level is also equipped with a handicapped accessible shower.  Sorry, there is no elevator access to the upper level.

Who is able to use your guest house? Do you only accept Catholic individuals or groups?

We welcome individuals of all denominations and faiths to use the guest house.

Laundry facilities available?


Are retreatants welcome to join the Sisters for The Liturgy of the Hours or for Mass?

Yes, retreatants are very welcome to join our monastic community for The Liturgy of the Hours (chanted six times each day) and/or for the daily celebration of the Eucharist.

What meal options are available?

For those desiring greater silence and solitude, meals may be eaten at the Monastic Guest House.  The kitchen is well stocked and includes home-cooked, frozen meals which only need to be defrosted and microwaved.  If you desire to do your own cooking, cooking utensils await you.

For those desiring conversation at meals, you are invited to join our volunteers here at the monastery.

Do you have suggested arrival/departure times?

No, our scheduling is flexible and we work with your schedule.  If you will be arriving later in the evening, we ask that you let us know that in advance.