FAQs for the Retreat House

Are the rooms private?

Yes, all 50 are single occupancy; this allows you to have the space that is so conducive for your retreat.

How are the rooms furnished?

The rooms are attractively and simply furnished with single bed, comfortable chair, desk and chair, sink and closet.  Each room also has a bible

Linens/bedding provided?

Yes, bed linens (even mangled, i.e. ironed) and towels are provided, as are glass and soap.

Is there air conditioning?

The retreat rooms have a ceiling fan.  The Fatima Chapel, lounge, conference rooms, and dining room are air-conditioned. 

What do you do on a typical retreat? What is the schedule for the day?

Weekend (and longer) retreats consist of the daily celebration of the Eucharist, conferences, time for personal prayer and reflection, opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and Eucharistic Adoration.

For typical schedules, please follow this link.

What types of retreats do you offer?

We offer preached retreats:  this means that usually a priest presents conferences (talks) to the group as a basis for prayer and reflection.  Ultimately, it is Christ who is our retreat master.

Do you have silent retreats? How silent is silent?

On our silent weekend and on our longer silent retreats, there is talking at the opening and closing meals. The time in between these “talking bookends” is the wonderful shared silence.

It is so powerful to walk through the retreat house and experience the “antenna dish” of each person’s heart attuned to God and to be part of that expectant silence where God may speak in a deeper way to our hearts.

Is the facility handicapped accessible?

Completely!  Includes handicapped accessible showers and elevator access to all levels.

Who can use your retreat center? Do you only accept Catholic groups?

While we schedule specific Catholic retreat programs, the retreat house is also available for other churches and groups for their programs, meetings or luncheons. 

Laundry facilities available?


Is it possible to come a day or two early for retreat or to extend my time after the retreat is concluded?

Yes, you are welcome to come earlier or stay later; the extra time will really enhance your retreat experience.

Individuals are also welcome to come for personal (or private) retreats.

Are retreatants welcome to join the Nuns for The Liturgy of the Hours or Mass?


What type of media equipment is available?

TV/DVD or VCR, multimedia player, overhead projector and screens, sound system.