Private Retreat

Private Retreat

Private Retreat

Our Monastic Guest House was built to provide sacred space for individuals (or small groups) to come aside and allow God to renew them.  Shielded by trees on three sides with the fourth side overlooking a valley also surrounded by trees, the Monastic Guest House offers solitude and a recollected atmosphere. 

  • Is God looking for an opportunity to nourish me?  Speak to my soul? 
  • Wondering if God really does provide an oasis for our spiritual life?
  • Just “have to get away”?
  • Wanting to step aside from your daily life ?
  • Looking for a place “where you can stop and smell the roses”? 
  • Needing a break from your ordinary schedule? 
  • Could God be trying to get my attention?
  • Looking for a God-centered space?

When you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, our Monastic Guest House provides the sacred setting that you desire.

The time is yours to structure:  to think, to pray, to relax in the presence of God.  With everyday distractions removed, you will be able to enter into the depths of your heart and find God waiting for you there – at the center of your being. 

Individuals are welcome to join our community for any/some/all of The Liturgy of the Hours (in English) chanted, using simplified Gregorian chant melodies as well as for the daily celebration of the Eucharist.
For those desiring greater silence and solitude, meals may be eaten at the Monastic Guest House.  The kitchen is well stocked and includes home-cooked, frozen meals which only need to be defrosted and microwaved.  If you desire to do your own cooking, cooking utensils await you.

For those desiring conversation at meals, you are invited to join our volunteers here at the monastery.

The nine rooms at the Monastic Guest House are all private with bath and air conditioned.  The 36’ living room/dining room area has a gas fireplace; a beautiful oratory provides a special setting for prayer and recollection.  Take the tour.

Linens/towels provided; laundry and kitchen facilities available.
To schedule a time, please call 724-834-3060.